The Manthro Fashion Shoot

Words by Ken Wallingford, Photos by Paula Sanderson

You look good. Really good. You feel like you look good too, because the outfit you put on this morning was easy to put together. It’s all about simplicity, clean lines and not too many colours. Some people don’t get it. They think you have to work hard to have a nice look, they think you have to spend the big bucks to get the look you’ve got. It’s not that hard though. Looking good is about patience. Find the right fit of shirt and pants. KISS is your friend. If you try to get intricate with your look you’re just going to get yourself in trouble. Fashion trouble.

And the best part? It doesn’t take many items to have three smooth looks. Go to work in a full suit, hang out at a bar afterwards with the suit jacket and a pair of jeans. Next thing you know you’re throwing a Frisbee at the park wearing the same jeans as before and a plaid shirt.

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