Manthro’s Dress to Impress

Dressing to impress can be as easy as jeans and a t-shirt. The difference is in the colour and fit.

“A slim jean in a dark wash,” says Jeanie Kimber. “Can look really good.”

Pair those jeans with a chambray shirt or a lived in plaid and you’re set to go.

During the summer, roll up the sleeves, throw on some converses and head out the door for some summer fun.

“There is a reason they’ve been around so long,” says Kimber, “They are great sneakers.”

Later that evening when you have a date, pair those same dark wash slim fitting pants with a t-shirt and add a suit jacket.

“You don’t always have to wear the suit together,” says Kimber.

Pair it with some ankle boots and you are going to win their heart.

During the day, it’s important to dress to office standards.

Think about what other people in the office are wearing.

“Look as good as any person in that office,” says Kimber. “Always dress up.”

“If you are in law or finance you need to invest in a suit,” says Kimber.

When picking a suit go for a trim, slim fitting suit. Look for words like slim or European Cut. Do not get pleated pants or boxy suits and don’t be that guy and pair it with a bugs bunny tie.

“Leave the cartoon ties at home. It’s never funny,” says Kimber.

If you are slender and can pull it off, go for a mad men esk skinny tie and narrow lapel. “That would look fantastic,” says Kimber.

Be willing to spend money on the suit.

Kimber says the minimum you should spend on a suit is $400. Look for a “3 season wool suit” or  “super wool.”

“My advice to young men – don’t get black,” says Jeanie.

Look for charcoal grey and navy blue suits.

“These are great basics,” Kimber says. ‘They look formal but not funeral.”

And remember the little things count.

“Invest in a nice watch,” says Kimber. “Definitely invest in shoes.”

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