Non-Profit Communications


In the summer of 2013, I joined the All Summer Staff team at Camp Oochigeas as their photographer and videographer. Camp Oochigeas is a camp for children affected by childhood cancer. The work Camp Ooch does is incredible. People say that the hospital heals the kids physically, but camp heals the soul.

At Camp Ooch this is definitely true.

I had the privilege of capturing the magic of camp for two summers.  I took pictures of kids accomplishing their goals. This was truly the best job in the world.

I will be retuning for summer 2015 in as a volunteer and I can’t wait to see what happens in this new chapter.

For now check out my work from Summer 2013 and 2014:

Thank you Camp Ooch:

Who better to tell you the magic of Camp Ooch than the campers themselves.

Volunteer at Camp Ooch:

Ooch is made possible by over 400 volunteers and this video was created to recruit future volunteers to the camp.

30 Years of Ooch:

This video was created in two hours during a video making session I ran for teen campers to celebrate 30 years of Camp Ooch.


Every session I put together the best of the best of the video clips and photos I have taken over the course of the session and create a video slideshow.

Here is the 2014 Year in Review video with all the fun we’ve gotten up to throughout the whole year!

Session two and Session three are camps for children between the ages 7-14 who have personally had cancer.

Temoul is a camp for children ages 7-18 who have lost a sibling to cancer.

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