Bridge Brewery

In a small storefront in the North End of Halifax Peter Burbrige is selling more beer than he can brew.

In late January Peter Burbridge, 31, opened the Bridge Brewery Company.

The brewery is moving towards being a zero emissions brewery, so that all waste streams will be tied back into different agricultural process.

Currently all the spent grain is being used by TapRoot Farms as animal feed.

As the company grows Burbridge hopes to get closer to that zero emissions goal.

The brewery currently has only two beers, but this summer try the Gus’s Pub brew.

“That one’s a little lighter,” says Burbridge.  “It’s got a bit of a citrusyness sort of spice in the background and a dry finish. So it’s pretty easy to drink, and pretty refreshing.”

The Bridge Brewery Company is located at 2576 Agricola St in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“My favourite place to drink beer is in the backyard at home, barbecuing,” says owner Peter Burbridge.

Turns out they’re not the only ones going eco– here’s our list of Canadian breweries going green:

Canoe Brewpub – Victoria, BC  all spent brewery grain goes to a local pig farmer

Stanley Park Brewery- Vancouver BC “Canada’s First Sustainable Brewery” uses a specially-built 110 ft wind turbine for all their power needs.

Steam Whistle Brewery- Toronto, Their green bottles can be resused up to 45 times- more than triple the industry average for brown bottles and their brewery is powered by Bullfrog

Mill Street Brewery – Toronto, Organic beer in paperless glass bottles all made in an eco friendly brewery where the spent grain goes to local farmers.

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