Manthro Men’s Summer Fashion

Summer Office Wear:

It can be tricky to pick office wear for summer. Karl Van Allen of Dugger’s Men’s Fashion says pick clothing based on your specific workplace. “How you dress would be different at a financial institution than working for a company like Google.” Here are his general tips for making summer choices:



“Dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have,” says Karl Van Allen. Look at other people in your office and see what they are wearing– then look better.

Don’t dress for the beach, Aka no short sleeve shirts. Your office is air conditioned so there are no excuses to wear cut offs. If it’s not, suck it up.

Do wear long sleeves that are made with linen or other light fabrics then roll up the sleeves if it gets really hot.

“I would advise against sandals and shorts,” says Van Allen. No one wants to see your feet.

Do wear pastels and other light coloured shirts. Van Allen says a wider age group is embracing more colour in their wardrobes.

Don’t wear black on black on black. It’s not a funeral– it’s summer.


Four Tips for buying a suits. :

1. Get the right cut:

When buying a suit look for words like ‘slim’ or ‘European cut’ says Jeanie Kimber of Style Me! Wardrobe Consulting, Halifax.

Avoid pleated pants and boxy suits. You want the suit to show off your physique, not hide it.

If you are slender, go for an even slimmer, mad men-style narrow lapel and skinny pant. Pair it with a skinny tie for a cool retro look.


2. This is an investment.

Kimber says the minimum you should spend on a suit is $400. If you want a nice suit, you’re going to have to shell out.

For an all-purpose, year-round suit look for “three-season wool” fabric, which is appropriate for most Canadian weather and your air conditioned office on those hot July days.


3. Don’t be boring.

“My advice to young men– don’t get black,” says Kimber. She says look for charcoal grey or navy blue suits. “They look formal but not funeral.”

Have fun pairing colourful shirts and ties, especially in summer months.


4. Mix and match to get the most out of it.

“You don’t always have to wear the suit together,” says Kimber.

Pair the suit jacket with a t-shirt and dark wash jeans and you’ve got a great date outfit!

Jonathan wears a ‘Slim Fit’ Tallia suit in grey. At Moore’s for $649.99


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