Radio Producing


Paula with the Cross Country Checkup Team

CBC Radio: The Sunday Edition


‘She Made some Tarts, All of a Summer’s Day’

CBC Radio:Cross Country Checkup.

Associate Producer:

Is the Goverment Right to Pull Canada’s Jets out of the fight against Isis? 

Are you worried about the plunging loonie?

Has old fashioned dun been trumped by fears of injury and legal action? 

Floor Reporter:

Are we giving newcomers enough support to build a new life in Canada? 

Production Assistance Call Screener:

Are you optomistic or fearful about Canada and the world?  

What are your thoughts on the Fort McMurrary Wildfire?

Has French immersion for school children failed to live up to its promise?

Is the contentious energy east pipeline the best way to help Alberta? 

What’s your top pick for our annual winter book list?

Has the wisdom of older people become sidelined in the age of google and youtube?


What do you think of the goverment’s priorities in the throne speech?

Is opening up the parks and public splaces a solution for the homeless?

Two Topics: Is the he TPP trade agreement a good or bad idea?Is it fair to ban the niqab in some situtations? 

What are the gardening challenges you face in your part of the country? 

In the winter of 2013, I took the radio workshop as my fourth year speciality.

Here are the links to my portfolio:

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Halifax Wresters react to the Olympic Cut

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Review: The Golden Globes

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A Rant about the Grammys

Steak Week

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