Dal dancers get moving at INSPIRE

Dancers turned, leaped and stanky legged in a whirlwind dance workshop put on by DalDance on Sunday.

The workshop, called INSPIRE, was hosted by the society and featured four different classes in hip hop, jazz, contemporary and modern dance. The society is one of Dalhousie’s largest active member societies with more than 350 members participating in dance classes each week.

“We had a record-breaking year as far as registration goes. There is not really anybody who joins and sits back and does nothing,” says White. “We’re really trying to keep that calibre.”

This is the first workshop DalDance has organized and Vice-President Nick White is hoping it will not be a one-shot deal.

“It was an opportunity for dancers of all abilities to come out, try new things, try some different styles of choreography and have a lot of fun,” says White. “It was a roaring success and we are hoping it becomes an annual tradition.”

Last year DalDance won the best student society award at the Dalhousie Student Impact Awards.

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