The most eligible Tigers

By Paula Sanderson
Everyone wants to find someone, so here at the Gazette we thought we would help all the singles out there find that special someone in time for Valentine’s Day.

After a meticulously scientific and highly analytical search, we narrowed down the nominated singles to our top choices.
All of the bachelors and bachelorettes are varsity athletes. These lovely jocks all have more than hot bodies and smoldering eyes. They are funny, smart and charismatic.
They all deserve to find someone equally great.
So, this Valentine’s Day give these eight singles a call and support your Dal athletes in more ways than one.
Olivia Smith – “The Sweetheart”
Year: First-year
Hometown:Vineland, Ont.
Sport: Hockey
Sign: Libra
Meet Olivia: “I like to have a good time.”
He’s got to dress for success: “I love plaid shirts.”
Whisk her away to: Greece
Her hookup song: “With or Without You,” U2
Fire her desire: “Come to my hockey game.”
Why you should date Olivia: “I’m a good stick-handler.”
Going commando: sexy or skanky? ”Sexy.”
She likes Valentine’s Day: “I think it’s a nice day to spend time with someone special.”
Ashley Donnelly –“The Heartbreaker”
Year: First-year
Hometown:Burlington, Ont.
Sport: Soccer
Sign: Leo
Hello, Ashley: “I’m outgoing.”
Celebrity crush: “Ryan Gosling”
Never let her see you in: “Jeans with running shoes.”
Her hookup song: “Practice,” Drake
She likes her man: “With scruff.”
Why you should date Ashley: “I can go for 90 minutes in all different positions.”
Sexting: sexy or skanky? ”Sexy.”
Impress her on Valentine’s Day: “I would take a coach and buggy ride around town with hot chocolate and blankets, preferably in South Carolina.”
Shannon Junor – “The Spicy”
Year: First-year
Hometown:Mississauga, Ont.
Sport: Soccer
Sign: Aries
Bachelorette breakdown: “I’m sarcastic.”
He’s got to dress for success: “Go topless.”
Look up: “He has to be taller than six feet.”
Her hookup song: “Love Lockdown,” Kayne West
Musical maiden: “In my spare time I play guitar.”
Why you should date Shannon: “As a keeper, ball handling is my number one priority.”
Is there such a thing as love at first sight?: “Not a chance.”
Take her out on the town: “For a dinner and a show, like a concert or something.”
Katie Webster – “The Actress”
Year: First-year
Hometown: Whitby, Ont.
Sport: Swimming
Sign: Scorpio
Watch out: “I’m full of sass.”
Celebrity crush: “Barney Stinson.”
Spend midnight in: Paris
Her hookup song: “Sexy and I Know It,” LMFAO
Why you should date Katie: “Once you get me wet, I can go long and hard.”
Do you believe in soulmates?: “Yes!”
Everyday is important: “I don’t really like Valentine’s Day—it’s pretty overrated. You got to appreciate the ones you’re with everyday, not just on Feb. 14!”
Brett Plouffe – “The Outdoorsman”
Year: Second-year
Hometown: Winnipeg, Man.
Sport: Hockey
Sign: Cancer
Bachelor breakdown: “I like to do stuff outside, like camping.”
Who makes the first hookup move: “Girls say it’s supposed to be the guy, but I think guys wish the girl would.”
Start laughing: “If she can’t laugh, then it’s done”
His hookup song: Tequila Makes Her Clothes Come Off,” Joe Nichols
Fire his desire: “Just making eye contact and smiling; smiling is key. ”
Why you should date Brett: “Hockey players never miss a target and we have long sticks.”
Going commando: sexy or skanky? ”Sexy.”
Hit the water: “In the summer, the waterfront is a good place to go and grab an ice cream.”
Stephen Lopez – “The Smooth Talker”
Year: Fourth-year
Hometown: Toronto, Ont.
Sport: Basketball
Sign: Pisces
Meet Stephen: “I’m outgoing and funny.”
She’s got to dress for success: “I don’t mind Lululemons or jeans.”
Dating deal-breaker: “Bad habits. Not eating with your mouth closed or biting your nails—not attractive.”
His hookup song: “Shot for Me,” Drake
Can you fall in love at first sight: “I’ve never experienced it so I can’t say.”
Why you should date Stephen: “Coach always says take it to the hole.”
Sex on the first date: sexy or skanky? Skanky
Get ready for Valentine’s Day: “I would take her out to eat. Have some nice wine to drink and open her up with laughter. After dinner we could catch a movie. If she’s lucky maybe she’ll get a cute teddy bear.”
Kit Moran – “The Nice Guy”
Year: Fourth-year
Hometown: Prince George, B.C.
Sport: Swimming
Sign: Aries
Meet Kit: “I’m laid-back and love the outdoors.”
She’s got to dress for success: “Just wear jeans and a plain t-shirt.”
Travel with Kit: “Exploring South America would be really cool.”
Now playing on his iPod: “Country music and OG Hindu Kush.”
Speak your mind: “If they have no opinions, there’s nothing to them. It’s done. They have to be interesting.”
Why you should date Kit: “I may be good at the backcrawl, but I still know how to breaststroke.”
Boxers or briefs: Boxers 
Keeping it classy on Valentine’s Day: “I would cook her a nice dinner at home and then take her out for a movie.”
Graeme Higgins – “The Charmer”
Year: Fifth-year
Hometown:Scarborough, Ont.
Sport: Volleyball
Sign: Taurus
Say hello to Graeme: “I’m tall and handsome.”
Celebrity crush: “Scarlett Johansson.”
When not playing volleyball: “I like to read, watch movies and get up to my cottage whenever I get the chance.”
Now playing on his iPod: Mumford and Sons
Fire his desire: “Make me laugh.”
Why you should date Graeme: “I know how to hit all the right zones.”
Sexting: sexy or skanky? ”Sexy.”
He likes Valentine’s Day: “I think it’s a great opportunity to show someone how you feel about them.”

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