On the road to AUS

Photo by Pau Balite

Photo by Pau Balite

Dalhousie Tigers are ready for the Atlantic University Sport Championships after a highly successful AUS Invitational swim meet at UPEI. The women’s team won 12 of 16 individual events and took both relay events. The men’s team also won most individual events.
Tavia Raiche-Marsden, Meagan Bernier, and Terri-Lynn Benison were double winners. Raiche-Marsden won 200 freestyle and the 50 butterfly and Bension captured both the 100 and 200 butterfly, and Bernier took the 400 and 800 freestyle.
Ceilidh MacPherson had three victories in the 200 freestyle, as well as the 200 and 400 individual medleys.
“I thought this meet was a really good building meet,” says Terri-Lyn Benison.   “We were stronger this weekend, so I feel as if it’s a building block to AUS then CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport Championships).”
Coach David Fry agrees, “This meet was just a stepping stone to the AUS Championship at Dalhousie in three weeks.”
 “This weekend the times were significantly better,” says Fry of the last meet at Acadia.  “We are moving in the right direction towards the AUS championships.”
From now until the championship, there will be an incremental, stepwise reduction in training,  After tapering, times are expected to drop. “When you rest even just a little bit you will see major drops,” says Benison.
The Tigers are the AUS defending champions, going for their 13th straight title.  “I don’t want to sound really cocky,” she says,  “but I have a lot of confidence in our team and what we can do there.”
Fry is very impressed with this team. “This group is one of the most committed and hard working groups I have ever coached,” says Fry, “They are taking the talent they possess and adding hard work, and though that they will do really well.”
“We want to do well at the AUS Championship,” says Fry, “There we have two purposes: one is to defend as champions at the competition, the second is to qualify more swimmers for CIS.”
Bryan Fumerton, Kit Moran, and Joe Ur were all triple winners on the men’s side at the UPEI meet.  Fumerton took the 200 and 400 individual medleys and the 400 freestyle, Moran won all three backstroke events, and Ur claimed the 50 butterfly and the 100 and 200 freestyle. “We crushed the competition,” says Ur. “We are getting excited and ready to go.” Cameron Shin, David Sharpe, and Matt Piggott also won events.
Currently half the team has qualified for the national competition being held at the University of Calgary February 24-27, 2011.


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